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Announcement on gradual and orderly reversion of stock users in mainland China

Dear user:

               In response to the regulatory requirements of the local government, skybse Global stopped the registration of new users in Chinese mainland in September 24, 2021 (UTC+8). The Chinese mainland is authorized to register its new users, and is scheduled to take part in December 31, 2021 (UTC+8).

               Before 24:00, complete the orderly return on the premise of ensuring the safety of users' assets. The specific return rules will be notified to users by announcement, e-mail, in station letter and SMS.

               We will earnestly ensure the safety of users' assets, adhere to the consistent principle of compliant operation, and carry out business in accordance with the provisions of local laws and policies all over the world. Thank you for your understanding!

skybse  Global

September 28, 2021