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Introduction to ymv project

Introduction to ymv project

03/24 16:00

1. Project brief

Ymv defi - cross chain asset aggregation income platform - Comprehensive pledge asset liquidity, risk adjusted income index and cross ecological income strategy.

2. Project introduction

Ymv is the only management agreement that focuses on creating lasting and stable benefits for all users of the defi ecosystem. Ymv is positioned as a platform for cross chain assets to aggregate income. Ymv will develop into a cross chain asset aggregation and revenue market, including multi chain proof of equity (POS) assets such as eth2.0 and Polkadot. Ymv focuses on developing innovative asset pools to maximize returns while ensuring that LP capital is as secure as possible. To this end, we aim to build a strong passive revenue platform to meet the needs of the defi industry. Through the income assets launched by ymv, we will further create derivatives based on stable income, such as risk optimal income index and other derivatives.

3. Token issue

Token Name: ymv

Total circulation: 100000000 yen

Token sales: 12%

Marketing department; Partner: 3%

Platform reserve: 12%

Technology development: 15%

Exploited reserves: 55%

Community contributors: 3%

4. Token information and release plan

Total circulation: 100000000 yen (updated 2021 / 04 / 07)

Circulation: 7967413 (updated 2021 / 04 / 07)

Private placement price: US $0.20

Public offering price: 0.25 yuan

Token unlocking scheme:

Seed rounds - 15% are released daily and quarterly for the next 12 months.

Private placement - 25% will be issued daily and quarterly over the next 12 months.

Community contributors - go to the Institute and post it one month later, and post it every day for the next 12 months.

Marketing and partners - one month after launch, unlock every day for the next 12 months.

Technology development - the Institute will publish six months after its establishment and every six months for three (3) years.

Revenue mining reserve is used to motivate users to release the token gradually through multiple stages after it is issued.

Platform retention - use retention for other purposes of providing liquidity and protocol development only on a need basis.

Note: the project brief is from the information released or provided by the official project team, which may be out of date, wrong or omitted. The relevant contents are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. Bicoindc global shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses arising from reliance on such information.