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Introduction to ctsu project

Introduction to ctsu project

1、 Project brief

(CTSU ®) It's based on ctsu render ® Build a high-performance distributed GPU rendering network, ctsurender ® Ctsu Inc. is the world's fastest, fastest GPU accelerated, unbiased, physically correct render. The network facilitates the market between computing and virtual asset (NFT) node operators and requesters.

Leading visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects and engineers use ctsu's Oscar winning technology to provide unprecedented creative freedom, a new level of realism and a new economy in cloud based content creation and distribution.

CTSU ® Founded in 2008. Since then, the company has grown into four offices with more than 60 employees, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Ctsu held a public token sale in October 2017. The ctsu network has been started and has been in full operation since April 2020.

2、 Project introduction

CTSU,inc。 First conceived in 2009. Jules Urbach, founder and CEO of ctsu, is an erc-20 compatible utility token used to pay for animation, motion graphics and VFX rendering on distributed ctsu networks. With the ctsu render function of ctsu, ctsu network can produce movie quality renderings in a small part of the time of traditional studios and artists.

Users can register their workstations on the network, where they will get ctsu token to complete the work. Rendering work is distributed on multiple computers running simple client applications, similar to folding @ home or SETI.

The obtained token can be used later to fund rendering projects, all of which are encrypted on the network. Studio can also choose to use tier 1 nodes on Microsoft azure's highly secure infrastructure for its network projects.

Our vision: photon driven economy

Independent artists or studios can hardly track the media they create. After something has been stolen, protecting assets has become a process of retroactive adoption of copyright and trademark laws. Compared with the fast-growing digital environment in the world, the current rendering business is too slow.

Blockchain Technology (also known as ctsu) provides three solutions for content creators

Rights protection (e.g. irreplaceable token NFT)

Profit making

Bringing power back to the individual

Ctsu's vision is to transform distributed GPU computing power into a decentralized economy of connected 3D assets, in which any object or environment can be created, shared, remixed and monetized through blockchain. Brendan EICH, a consultant at ctsu (JavaScript creator, co-founder of Mozilla, founder of brave and bat token), said:

"The project will revolutionize the way 3D assets and their respective digital rights are transferred and distributed between people and entities. Ctsu is transforming its state-of-the-art rendering expertise into a decentralized network to cater to a wider audience. " For creators, ctsu opens the way for creative works that have never been used in the industry. Ctsu also has a direct impact on the whole media industry in the real world. Ari Emanuel, CO CEO of endeavor and ctsu advisor commented:

"Entertainment, news, media, platform and payment will be innovated through blockchain," he added, adding that his goal is to promote "media through the ctsu network.".

Inspired by "life after TV" (written by George Gilder, a member of the ctsu Advisory Committee in 1990), Jules Urbach put forward his vision, starting from the early stage of the network and the subsequent irreplaceable saving of digital assets (NFT) and authorship, in the life after automation: rendering Economy:

"The first principle of" rendering economy "is that real human thought, the resonance of creativity and imagination are the basic unit of money."

"Render token and its network are designed to realize the feasibility of the system as soon as possible. First, by saving a lot of cost in distributed rendering, the rendering economy is in the early stage. Then, in the subsequent stages, the value encoded by the blockchain itself and the semantic web of the author's identity. "

As of April 2020, ctsu network has fully started its rendering platform, which can be added on know.rendertoken.com.

3、 Token distribution

Hosting of supply / demand flow back network: 65%

Selling Tokens: 25%

Rendering reserve: 10%

4、 Token information and release plan

Total circulation: 536870912 (updated on 2021 / 03 / 25)

Circulation: 144105484 (updated on 2021 / 03 / 25)

Private placement price: 0.25$